Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Trinity Persists

There was no major pullback today, with the Trinity staying even on the day.  Oil did make up ground.  With the shutdown of the US government nigh, there is not much time for gold investors.  Of course, there may be a bearish move with the shutdown, who knows.  Finance has become surreal, with all the wars, rumors of wars, false economic data, lies, cheats, and scandals surrounding the Beltway and Walled Street.  All I know is that at the end of it, the only safe investment is real monie in one's hand.

Once reality sets in, there will be no stopping precious metals.  JP Morgan's shorts, and the President's Working Group on Financial market will not be able to cover the physical demand.  The pause we have seen at the start of the next move may persist for a short time, but eventually the house will come crumbling down.  Evidence in that it has started is the fact that the dollar is not rallying on a government shutdown.  If spending is cut in entirety, you would think the dollar would be a safe haven, as government would no longer be wasting the precious fiat.  Yet it flops around like a fish out of water.

Max Keiser has the next move starting when the price of silver is more than the JP Morgan stock price.  It is an interesting theory, but I am not sure how accurate that metric is.  I will say he is having fun with the term I coined, and more power to him.  The more people that join this Silver Liberation Army, the better for humanity.  Join the fight, and buy silver!

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