Friday, April 8, 2011

The Corporate Fed

What is America if not a shell for corporations?  We wear Nikes, we drive beamers, we are our shoes, we are our cars.  And this is somewhat literal.  People are extensions of their belongings, or at least, they think they are.  And this is why Bernanke has owns more corporate equity than anyone.  Because he owns our souls.

Maybe we will walk away.  Maybe we will establish our monie as sound.  But the likely hood of America giving up the corporate tit is not likely.  The tit will be shoved in our faces like a solution to our problems.  And if there is something America loves, it is tits.

Just imagine when the dollar collapses and America needs high speed rail installed on the L.A. freeways.  Obama will say his friend Immelt can help.  People will still need to pound the pavement, and Phil Knight can help them.  And this has been the plan from the beginning.

The Federal Reserve was set up to fail so corporations could benefit.  How obvious is it considering that Morgan and Rockefeller invented the whole thing.  Now that inflation has eaten away at the purchasing power of the currencie, the system, is ripe for the end game.

And this is why Bernanke has bought all the equity.  So that when the dollar fails, he still owns something of value.  Well, he has all that gold now too, doesn't he.

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