Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swan Lake: Middle East

Like Africa, the Middle East has been a point of turmoil for decades, led by a lone Jewish State amongst a brethren of Muslim ones.  This turmoil may have been ongoing without the mentioned Jewish State, as the different sects of Islam do not always get along, but it brought brimstone and fire to a region that was nothing close to stable.  The lack of stability comes from the dominance that the "First World" had over it for decades.  The time of trying for foreign dominance is hardly over.

When oil was discovered in the Middle East, the Anglo-American Empire were quick to act and lock down the fields.  This lasted to in between the World Wars when it was established that the Middle East would be controlled by proxie.  Trillions of dollars have been given by the Anglo-American Empire to keep a thumb on the land.  This is still ongoing.

If it was Iraq, or Egypt, money poured in to the respected Nation States so too keep the oil trading for dollars, and to keep a foreign reliance at hand.  Weapons were traded, secrets were given, and all throughout money was made by the elites of the area, along with the elites of the Anglo-American Empire.

This was true for Israel as well, a State that was started after World War Two had ended to presumably relocate people to a place where they would be free from turmoil.  This of course was far from what would happen, as it has destabilized the region many times over.  It was the Anglo-American establishment led by such elites as the Rotheschildes that hatched and funded this plan.  If they thought it would create peace, well, we would have to ask them, but as a guess judged by their character, the answer is no.

Israel was directly funded by the Anglo-American Empire, while the other countries were given diplomatic aid.  Israel was given nuclear war heads, while the other countries were given lessor missiles.  This was done to undermined the Islamic States, but to also keep the fight on.  Economically, the region fared poorly, and now, like other "Third World" States, the lower classes are at the whim of rising food prices.  This has created the utmost of instability.

The region remained an enigma during the course of the last century, but now it descends into chaos, just as any land does when oil production lessons.  Last year the world swing producer, the House of Saud, lowered its output for the first time ever.  The are using saltwater to pump out the crude, which is neither light nor sweet.  The low hanging fruit has been picked.  Judging by history, when a State lowers its oil output, like the USSR did in '89, its economy goes to shambles.  Since this State was a leader for not only that area, but for the world, for better or worse, the worse is to be expected.  The oil revenue must be made up, and with demand stable if not rising, higher prices are on their way.

This Black Swan will be the crux of all others, as oil is the lifeblood of the economy.  All States are reliant on Middle East oil, and like it or not, they are at the whim of the Middle East.  The others States may make threats, and may implement action, but it is for nought, as the oil will never be seized by the Anglo-American Empire by way of war.  It will also not be seized by the fiat ponzi, which will crumble in the wake of peak oil.  This Black Swan is the trump card.

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