Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hard to Read

Precious metals are hard to read right now.  One reason is that silver broke out long ago, gold is scratching the surface, and platinum is getting pushed around like the nice kid on the playground.  The Trinity has broken trend.  The interesting thing is when the trend comes back in line.  Then the move will be as quick as lightening.

The gathering storm is going to flood the world.  The current seas will rise, and wash with them the false idols of fiat.  Those who have the Trinity in tow will be able to anchor their ships once the clouds pass.  The days and nights will be long, and it will be important to store essentials.

While the clouds circle people will continue to watch the natural beauty that will be a devastation of common ego.  Once the clouds rain, and the lightening strikes, very few will be prepared.  There is only one way to prepare financially.

The price may go up, and it may go down, and all will try and wait on the dip, but there really is no reason to.  Might as well trade fiat for sound monie now.  Soon price will be known for what it is.  An algorithm.

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