Friday, April 29, 2011


Well looky there!  Platinum decided to break out, and gold went for the ride.  Silver has made such a run in the recent weeks that it has already gotten ahead of its sisters.  The Trinity has begun the next move. 

It was a little disjointed, with silver breaking out big, and gold following in tow.  Platinum being the least popular, was not asked to dance until now.  Watch her shake her groove thing.  Platinum is monie, just like her sisters. 

My targets, which I expect to hit by the summer solstice, are as follows:  Gold to $1850, platinum to $2200, and silver to $57.  This is what I have called the next move.


  1. Everything is perfectly precisely strict here: content, style, punctuation, consistency in chosen vocabulary (I didn't run any checks for Fibonacci or other various types of progressions).

    You live in Northern Hemisphere, don't you.

  2. On the West Coast of America. Good guess!