Thursday, March 31, 2011

$1440 and $38

We saw gold touch resistance before easing, and silver made that $38 look easy.  Platinum is still lolly gagging.  Oh well.  Like I have said, if platinum breaks out, so goes the levy.  Blythe and the rest of them will do everything imaginable to keep platinum from moving past $1850.

Which is better?  The dollar...the euro...the dollar...the euro....who cares anymore?  The dance is tired.  It is a logical fallacy to compare one with the other, as both are used up like old wash rags.  Both are fiat, both do not meet the metric for real monie.  The bell is about to sound, and when the combatants step into the ring, it will be a knockout quick like Tyson used to make.  Very close now, we are very close to the next move.

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