Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gold to Test

Sometimes I give the money makers a little credit, and I will today.  I think gold will test support at $1407.  I think the world is still brainwashed enough to not do their homework and figure out gold is monie before peak oil production is priced into the supply side of the equilibrium equation.  People will most likely not buy in on these low prices, because it will only be a few weeks before gold spikes above $1440 for the last time.

Silver will pull back one dollar or so by Friday, before lurching forward and breaking off $36.  Platinum will likely touch $1800 one last time, presumably during an Asian trading session, as it has been then when the Trinity corrects best.  Oil is likely to stay above $100, as the House of Saud jockeys for position heading into the final turn.

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