Sunday, March 13, 2011

Re'al Monie

First my thoughts are out in Japan with the people there, and for that matter, anywhere that could be affected.  The country has a few reactors that have melted down.  If any explode, which one has, may the gods have mercy on our souls.

While listening to Jim Rickards on King World News I realised that Ben Shalom Bernanke thinks he is a financier.  I had always thought that he viewed himself as an academic, but because he is actually misinformed, he was led astray.  Now that I understand that QE was done to perpetuate the Fed's balance sheet until the wheels fall off I know that Bernanke is trying to make money.  How did I not see this.

The Federal Reserve is the world's biggest and most important corporation.  It finances all the other corporation.  This is why ending the Fed might end the system; the Fed looks to be the Chief beast.  Kill the Fed, and kill the destroyer.

The fog of war hangs low and in the dark of night we speculate the dollar could be substituted en force by Yuan, or rather gold and silver.  This reigning in the Fed, but unleashing another corporate fiat to take its place (however backed in "gold").  Once again, this is why ending the Fed is so important.

So if the question does Bernanke view himself a financier or academic is worth noting, but at the end, it matters nought.  He is running QE all the way down the line, because he has the stock to roll the balance sheet.  The Fed has more liquidity than the world can deal with.

But remember, this is all an illusion.  They have no power.  The power lies in real monie.  Real monie starts the fiat ponzi, and ends it.

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