Monday, March 14, 2011

Future's Fate

As this disaster continues to dstroy the world around it I can not help but think about how the economy will end up.  Who could ever benefit from such a travesty?  Well, there will be a future, like it or not, and there will be an oppurtunity for a new day.

Nuclear technology is something that needs to be done in a conditioned environment.  How many palces on earth are there with stability enough for a plant nuclear?  Not many.  The future of nuclear should continue to be explored because another metal may prove to not have such high levels of radiation, but its use should be seen as unreliable.  Besides, its long term EROEI is negative, so it is not a loss.

Yes we have entered peak oil and yes oil will be continued to be relied upon like no other energy source.  It will continue to rise in pice, and with all governments spending their ways out of crisis upon crisis, currencie devaluation will also increase oil's value.  Oil will be more precious than we know sooner than later.

And oil will trade for precious metals.  Maybe by proxy of a paper IOU, but the proxy will be redeemable in such.  It is the only proper way to facilate trade; with real monie.

Japan is burning and the Yen with it, but this stress will not help the dollar from the clutches of Mid East protests and Federal Reserve devaluation.  The world is tied together intamately.  All things  must pass, and future is passing with fate together into the night.  We may ask where they are going to.

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