Monday, March 21, 2011

Barack Takes Africa: Akhenaten's Revenge

Was the one reason that Barack was bank rolled by the Major banks the fact that he is of African decent and this could justify his move into Libya?  Considering he is their "brother"; so says Gadaffi.  I shall not go that far, but I will say McCain would never get away with leading an assault on Africa in the same manner.  Whoever spear headed the move into Africa was going to be of African decent.

Millenia ago, a Pharaoh was kicked out of his land for creating a one god system.  Akhenaten toppled the pagan system and instilled himself as god.  The other priests and people who were the pagans could not have this, and it was not long before Akhenaten was thrown out.

Now Africa is needed to move into the 21st century.  It has minerals, elements, and resources that the world will rely on.  The oilgarchs have taken up Akhenaten's revenge.  The goal is to take Africa.

Once again, is this the reason that Barack was a chosen son of Brzezinski?  Of Kissenger? Who knows, but it fit in perfectly with their plans, and since they have been the planners for so long, they may have chosen him accordingly.  There are many other things to consider, but Barak has done the bidding at every level.  He was always the perfect candidate for them.


  1. Well, these guys may be late to the party in Africa. China has been corralling all sorts of strategic resources in Africa using soft power...not our sledgehammer approach.

    When I was doing a World Media Watch (up until a couple of years ago), I was always posting articles on the dollar, the globalization, China's actions in Africa!

  2. +1,

    The war is more complex than UN led coalition riding into unknown territory.

  3. what are your thoughts on this being a move to take the top 25 gold reserves in the world? Gaddafi is sittign on 143 tonnes of gold per the London Financial times. If there is a near move to a gold standard I could see us takign preemptive moves to take that gold from the fringe horders.

  4. As I wrote in "Gaddafi's Gold", I do think that it is the gold that is being overlooked. Oil of course plays an important role. I think that Gaddafi sees that gold reserve as his, not Libya's, and he wants to keep it that way.

    I think that the IMF and World Bank did pressure the UN into going after that gold stash, as they want it as collateral, as they want all Central Bank vaults as collateral, now that the Keynesian experiment is over.