Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next crisis, Please

So now that Team America, lead by an ignorant man named Barry, thinks they can solve the world's perceived problems by rolling out guns, what will the next State to fall be?  Pakistan?  The House of Saud?  Will the US be able to police the world?

Egypt seems to have figured out how to topple a dictator.  The world, especially the US- where the Federal Reserve is above the law, should take note.  Peaceful protests can change a regime.  Believe that.

Gold gets sold off on the news the US will invade.  Was this Libya saying 'Uncle' and selling some gold contracts to the IMF/World Bank?  I think that gold is consolidating right between $1400 and $1440 nicely, most likely in part of panicked selling by dictators on the run.

It should not be more than a few more days before gold breaks $1440 and never looks back.  Platinum, silver and oil will all go along for the ride.  The situation will begin anew on any oil production problems.  With the producing states in turmoil, I would say that it is most likely that oil will continue to rise higher.

All this and the MBS and Muni crises have not begun in earnest.  This and the dollar as an instrument and tool of finance is fading into history.  Fiat sure looks to get made out to be a scapegoat after this is all done.  Each state of the world has a problem, or two, and none of them are being resolved correctly.  Hedge accordingly.

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