Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching the PPT

Who sells the massive moves?  Nike, Apple, Cisco, Newmont; huge corporations have had equity slashed reminiscent of the flash crash in an ordered progression over the months since May 6th.  There has been many corporations that have flash crashed.  The amount of capitol is huge.  What is causing these unorthodox moves, if not Gaddafi himself selling his market portfolio?

It is not insider trading that has explicitly caused the massive loss of equity.  If that ever happened the SEC would be forced to act.  No, it is a different group.  You may blame the algo machines, or a choice major bank, but all of those that collude and this leads to the top.  Yes, it is the President's Working Group on Financial Markets that are the big sellers.

They do it for two reasons.  It allows money to come in behind their sell and get a low buy position.  This can be done to appease governments like China who have been patiently waiting on the sideline while the US Empire collapses on top of itself.  It is also done for private investors like Warren Buffet.  In fact, the fall of '08 should have been stopped by the PPT, so why wasn't it?

Buying opportunities are hard to come by, unless you are a black box bank.  The PPT (Plunge Protection team, abr.) does just that.  And they get to make wild profits along the way.  How the glory!

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