Monday, March 7, 2011

China's friend, Blythe

Does it matter who is manipulating precious metal prices?  It is Blythe, it could be China, it is Ben, it could be Peter Pan.  It matters not.  All I know is that the COMEX and LBMA have still managed to continue the charade.  How much longer will it go on?

The Fed is pushing to consider ending QE 'Infinity', or at least that is what they want the world to think.  They can not end QE, who will buy the bonds?  Japan and Europe are monetizing their own, and China is worried about inflation, not what clip they can rail America.  America is essentially done being a good investment, on to the next one.

The thing is, no government bond looks apealling right now, so what will investors turn to?  Equity could be the winner, but everytime it gets pumped up, shorts come in and slash the earnings.  This is easy to do when everything is fiat and made up anyway.  Precious metals make gains, but those gains are stolen by naked shorting fools.  Oil looks like it will be what triggers any move higher in this corporate industrial complex that has become finance.

The recent tredns, and this is important, has precious metals apreciationg in Asia/Europe, and then due to them being higher, equities are lifted.  This happens because with gold being leveraged up, so are equities.  Then Blythe and her gang come in, and at the same time, equities are shorted.  This is a mess, and it is being done institutionally, as JPM is a proxy bank for the Fed.  How long before this churns reality from the ashes of finance is anyone's guess, but the day is coming.  This ends when precious metals are no longer shorted naked, and when that happens, all bets are off.  This would be when to really begin considering hyperinflation as a likely outcome.  This could happen as soon as the next several months, and probably will not wait until '12.

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