Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silver breaks $36

It was when spring had sprung and silver first hit $18 per once that I looked into my majik crystal ball and saw the House of John Pierpont Morgan's shorts getting decimated on a supply/demand squeeze.  I recalled my "Buy Silver" campaign and charged the House and by proxy the Fed with supplying unlimited shorts on a fixed asset.  I knew that if enough people bough physical we could break the shorts.  We have.

This is a nail in the coffin of the proxy banks of the Federal Reserve.  We should not let up our fight, but we do not have long to go until silver is at a price where it deserves to be, which is hundreds of dollars higher than where it is now.  This may end with silver replacing the dollar outright.  After all, silver is monie.


  1. I hope it does replace the dollar outright. Then we would be able to say we left at least one good thing to future generations: real wealth and not fiat.

  2. LH...Haven't seen you at the watch tower lately, what's happening?

  3. Justin, I agree. It is for the future generations.

    Rick, been really busy. Good looking out, and I still stop by everyday (to read Turd), but have not read the comments in awhile. Hopefully I will find time soon.