Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gadaffi's Gold

The only reason Gadaffi is not leaving his country is because he can not leave with "his" gold.  He could sneak down to Robert Mugabe's jungle love shack, but not with the dozens and dozens of tonnes of gold that his friend Rotheschilde promised him.  No fly zone, because Gates wants that gold!

Obviously his Libyan brothers and sisters have had enough of his dictating ways.  He may have his loyalists, but war is only good for causing smoke screens.  While he is waving his smoke and mirrors he is secretly trying to find his shiny out of the area.  This is proving impossible, and he as well as the other oilgarchs knows how this plays out in the end:  He with the gold makes the rules.  Gadaffi is a sociopath and wants to make rules forever!

And for a real conspiracy, I have noticed gold pullbacks on Mubarak's resignation, and now Gadaffi's rumored resignation.  I think that saying these rumors gives the excuse to sell and lease gold on the open market, quelling the price appreciation, and even reversing the action. 

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