Tuesday, March 29, 2011

War is Peace

Barrack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, so he does not go to war.  He liberates, and stuff.  Yeah.  Just a little more double speak from the Commander in Chief, and a little more double think for all of his subjects.  People's cognitive dissonance must be in overdrive right now.  I wonder if people tell themselves to, "Shutup and sit down" when they themselves question his highness.  I wonder if anyone's splinters in the the back of their brains are causing them to scratch their skulls in confusion.  "War is peace....war is...peace....?"

It is sad, and I do not really want to think about it.  I would try and be empathetic, but I have no idea how people can justify any war.  Unless provoked, but just who is the aggressor in this case?  France is so gung ho about it, I am wondering what the show on the boob tube that rivals "Dancing with the Stars" is that has distracted what I thought t be an informed populace?  Hasn't Jerry Lewis gotten old yet?

The Fed continues to chastise American civil liberties.  Congress specified in the constitution that monie is gold and silver, and only such is legal tender.  How far will Bernanke drag we the people under the bus?

Russia and China are not having any of this either, and it looks like a line is being drawn in the sand that will pit east vs. west.  Build a house on sand and this is what you get.

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