Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ides of March

There is disaster.  Will there be a better day?  Sooner than later?  All we can do is hope for the best, once we are prepared.

Who can be prepared for such disaster?  Will there be any lessons learned?  Qui bono?  Can society improve its culture to take notice of life's fragility?  Will it be the corporations who directly benefit from the ongoing disaster in Japan?  Or will the Federal Reserve, a proxy corporation, be the main benefactor?  Or will humanity breakaway from the shackles of the Hegelian dialectic, and make decisions for themselves?

I think finance and economics with it is about to change.  The paradigm was forced off a cliff by the bankers who have sold the world, but nature has reminded everyone what really makes the grade.  Finance will now be done realistically; complicity has been taken off the table, and with it, fiat money.  Will Shirakawa's investment in ETFs help rebuild his State?  Will Bernanke's loans to the Major banks refurbish the wealth destruction of the last hundred years?  The dollar has died, and with it, Keynesian economics.

A hallow day is today, for reasons of history and nature.  The moon is close to us now, and is influencing our attitudes.  Today is also dedicated to the moon by the Romans; how ironic.  It is also the day Julius was murdered.  A historic day indeed.  It is also now part of the continuing saga in Japan, a story that hopefully will end soon.  

Even with the horror, the world turns, and finance continues.  US equity bottomed at the start of the day, pointing to a bullish trend, and the precious metals have been acting bullish since there mid day drop.  What is in store for the dollar?  More printing, and more debasing, from both sides of the fiat aisle, as Japan needs liquidity, and the dollar must stay the most liquid investment of all or else it loses its risk free slogan.

Will there be a king investment after the markets take the shock of a failed energy source?  Nuclear is no longer viable, and so oil really takes the reigns of the economy.  There will be only one thing traded for oil in the future.  That will be real monie.

Precious metals have proven themselves a store of real wealth throughout the economic downturn, and there is no reason for that to change.  They track oil on the long term trend, and with oil at its most bullish in its history, precious metals have a drastic amount of leverage to take.  The economic system is about to realize that leverage needs to be made in precious metals in order to trade with oil, and other necessary goods. 

It could take only a week, or it could be a rather long month, but before this summer, oil will be spiked up towards the $200 per barrel range, because of demand/supply issues, and because of fiat debasement.  This will have precious metals trading along side it, as the oil barrons will want real wealth to trade for theirs.  Buy the dips if you can, but in the long run, invest in what is real, and try not to worry.

I will add that for all my friends who read this blog, please begin to take a regular dose of seafood, which includes kelp and other sea plants.  These foods will regulate your thyroid, and detour cancer from attacking if radiation is present.  Also I would like to say that I hope for the best, and may mercy be had for the Japanese and anyone else who could be affected by any radiation.

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