Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gold Bull Herd

Well, now, look what we have here!  A real breakout in precious metals confirmed this morning, and then it is off to the races by the end of trading.  Most noteably is the dollar move to the upside, and its subsequent sell off.  See that lightning rod ontop the DXY?  Yes, that is a selloff.  We will see Dixie move back into today's trading range shortly.

Gold has made the move we were waiting for!  It is time for the next move!  Platinum is at its resistance level of $1840, silver is in some new range that has not confirmed support or resistance, and oil is right back to its resistance level of $100 (WTI).  Gold has joined the fun, so it is time to get this party started!

Big cap corporate equity sold off today, in a last ditch effort to secure dollars which in turn will either be reinvested into big cap, precious metal, or oil.  The next move will leave everyone not in the know in the dust.  It will be the move that seperates the herd.  Move with the front runners, do not get trampled under foot.  Move with the gold bulls, they will not be run off any cliffs, as they alone have foresight.

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