Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If something Breaks

Platinum is at the bottom of its range, so even with gold breaking through resistance I am not getting excited.  I think gold will trade around $1440 for a few days.  Silver is making the best gains right now, and could push $37 by the end of the week.  This would all drag platinum from her sleepy slumber, pushing her out of bed and into the $1800 range.  Oil will continue to rise.

If platinum has energy, and moves to the top of its range, then the whole complex could make a move higher.  Wait on platinum to guess when the Next Move will occur, but it is close.  Soon gold will be hundreds of dollars higher, and silver will once again be the best investment of the year.  OPEC has no problems selling oil at higher prices, but then again, why would they?

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