Tuesday, May 31, 2011

American Hunger

Americans have failed to sense where the problem with their country lies and now they are angry and hungry.  This is the most dangerous combination of an emotion with a feeling.  Misplaced anger has only the companion of loneliness.  America has coupled itself with the inability to create wealth with a government policy that keeps it poor.  The government bails out and funds corporations instead of the people.  Now the people are broke and so is the government.

The food riots began with the dollar menu rebellion.  When Americans could no longer afford their diet, they went crazy.  People have blamed the food institutions and each for the problem.  Unfortunately the anger is misplaced.  The economic policy along with food being a resource has created higher prices at a time when many can not afford to eat without food stamps.  Now gang violence is spreading.  This violence is in direct relation to the price of food and unemployment.  These two problems were created by the government with job resourcing policy like NAFTA, and economic policy like zero interest rates.

The problem may have been created by the government, but it is now the people's.  The people must own it, or they will die in its wake.  Without the realization, the people will be lead by the dumb and blind government policy that created the mess in the first place.

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