Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily reversal Coming

Gold and silver have been pushed through their support.  This is happening because some economist thinks it is wise to loan out all of the US' gold.  I would call it America's gold, but the gold was stolen long ago from the people and trusted to a private bank called the Federal Reserve.

If anyone has not seen the video Luke caught of Bernanke hob nobbing with oilgarchs and financiers, I suggest they do so.  Bernanke is a sock puppet; we knew this, because his theories are lame.  He is a lame, and he is on the job.  This job is busted.

The dollar is treading water, and from the DXY it looks bullish on the day.  Precious metals are getting wrecked.  Oil is down.  But when looking at the dollar versus specific fiat currencie, the dollar looks weak.  I think a huge reversal in this short term trend, that has the fiat dollar up and real monie down, is about to end.

On the day, I am looking for a snap back that has the day almost even.  But soon a huge trend reversal will come for the short term, and we will once again be riding the long term trend line.  This will happen when the markets realize that Bernanke and the Federal Reserve will monetize the debt for the rest of the existence of what is left of America; because they have to.


  1. I believe that nations still fight wars and that “peace in our time” is really a myth. The war is waged different this time though. There is only one way to destroy the greatest empire and army the world has ever witnessed. Use GREED to destroy its currency. That is what is being done to America right now.

  2. The fight in the inner of humanity has been for thousands of years. It is engrained into us now, and very hard to escape. DNA can change during a lifetime (which is why Darwinism is for suckers), which means that we are not who we were.

    Yet this is our promising moment. We can change who we are! We must end the fight, and I wish that people would wake up and walk out of the system. If they do not, the best alternative is to buy silver, because at least then, the deserving^the knowing, will have wealth and then the law may be on our side.

    Dreams are a shot in the dark, but they are al we have.