Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corporations want Unemployment

Corporations want America to stay unemployed.  The reason for NAFTA was to shift the high paying jobs overseas to cut labor costs.  Now corporations want to keep unemployment high because they want to keep their margins, and the best way is to cut the fat from their bellies, and that fat is the American workforce.

The best way to keep the game going for the corporations is for people's taxes to pay for food stamps while the lower classes continue to suffer at the hands of domestic policy.  The corporations pay little or no taxes, and so it is the people supporting the people while corporations war against the Republic of America.  It was the corporations, not the people, that were bailed out during the Fall of '08 and the Spring of '09.  Now the corporations are the only thing benefiting.

Corporations will hire foreign workers before Americans.  Corporations will cut pensions to maintain margins.  The US allowed GM to file bankruptcy and then bailed them out because from a corporate standpoint, it was best to stop paying pensions to their former employees.  American unemployment will stay high to the benefit of corporations.


  1. great analysis Mr Lennon, looks like we are heading into severe deflationary stage for the next 4-6 years after this summer...dark years to come, thank you very much for your work, really appreciate it.

  2. i know how bad the corporations are, but i feel that its more the government thats the problem, or elected officials, either works for me. its the government that sets the rules and regulations. they are the last line of defense in a sense in controlling the corps. it is the government that creates the environment in which the corps have to live. IMO its the politician that chooses to either be corrupt or be ethical. IMO its the politician that has the choice of either working for the public they represent or a corporate donor. i believe that we have gone from a representative republic into a democrazy. the communist manifesto is a guide of how to go from a democrazy to socialism. and i believe that its that which has been the downfall of a once great country. its easy to blame the corporations cause its a way to take the blame of oneself. cause ultimately its the public that votes in politician. we dont want to blame ourselves and especially not the guy we voted in. its sad that the only thing that is going to wake up America is a complete crash of just about everything. sadly i dont think we have the honesty in this country any longer to make things better after the crash. im afraid that we will just continue to blame each others political party and therefor miss the big picture. i hope and pray this doesnt happen, but im afraid it will.

    thanks for all your writings once again. i enjoy your thought process.