Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dollar Fail

China said last week they would cut their dollar reserves by 2/3rds and with them they would buy real assets.  Then out of no where, unless you knew that Obama was a Brzezinski protege and that Brzezinski was Osama's puppet master, the US killed the terrorist blamed responsible for the wars the US had waged for the last decade.  How ironic.  Yet somehow this could still work out in China's, and anyone wishing to rid themselves of dollar denominated assets, favor.  Now the opportunity to buy low presents itself.

The coordination of the fiat ponzi has been so like clockwork that it appears all governments, and thusly the oilgarchs that control them, are in on the take.  At the tipping point the US trots out immense propaganda and China talks big and does nothing.  This is all to be expected, but once again, this is the tipping point.

The major Houses support both sides, and jump on the fix, shorting real assets while the spin machine goes into to overdrive.  The interesting thing will be the next phase.  The next move should be one to finish off the delicate system.

What I had titled 'the next move' came and went and I did not really notice.  I wanted all assets level up.  I was waiting on platinum.  But it was silver and really silver, and oil that stole the show.  Gold went for the ride, but not as expected.  Gold has stayed strong though, which is telling, but it is still silver that is now in charge of dictating the moves of the fiat ponzi, which is the reason for the insane margin hikes by the paper exchanges.  The financiers of the fiat ponzi will extend and pretend until the curtain falls from in front of them, and silver will be the be all and end all that tugs it down.

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