Monday, May 2, 2011

What monie Provides

Monie acts as a reserve for prudent times, for the risk is literally kept in pocket.  If one wants risk, it can be made an asset, and thus it is loaned and an income stream flows into pocket.  It can also be a liability.  A good example is when it is trusted to a bank.  This is why monie is the ultimate investment.

An investment is something for someone to rely on.  An investment should provide stability along with an opportunity.  Right now there are not many investments that meet both of these requirements.  Monie is the only one that is reliable.

Remember, monie must meet four definitions:  It must be fungible.  It must be a store of wealth.  It must be a means of exchange.  It must be a unit of account.  The only thing that meets these requirements are precious metals.

Precious metals are the only reliable asset class.  There are other asset classes that can become fair investments in the future, but for right now, physical metal, monie, is the best.  Nothing else can provide the leverage monie can.  All other assets are at the whim of other investments.  Monie is an investment in and of itself.

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