Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swan Lake: Military Industrial Complex

Sucking America dry of its wealth, the Military Industrial Complex has laid waste to the Nations of the globe.  Its inception was created by the financiers of the Federal Reserve Bank, but it has become its own monster.  It has held America hostage with false flag after false flag, and has been the final blow to the American culture.  Men that go to war for the US have the highest homeless rate out of all demographics.  There is also a very high tolerance for the sexual abuse of women.  American society has been financially and morally fleeced by the Military Industrial Complex since the start of the First Great War.

Every State needs an armed force, if it is by paying a militia, or creating a standing army, but today's Military Complex has gone too far.  Trillions of dollars are spent every year on keeping a boot on the throat of the world, and this money is ill spent in numerous ways.  The world hates the US for their forced global control, and the money could be spent on more progressive operations at home.  The Complex is wasting the wealth of the people of the world.

The bloodshed is a travesty that will be looked back on with horror.  There have been countless wars, and America has lost many young to them.  The wars have killed tens of millions of foreigners, and any death in this case is unjustified.  The World Wars were propaganda to start a world order; the wars since have been to solidify control of it.  Now the US military, along with NATO, are marketing war as peace like never before.  All the while humanity loses its ability to understand its nature.

The nature of people is one of love.  Societies formed on the back of at first unspoken but then known rights and rules.  Now these rules have been broken by the Complex, and the time and wealth spent beheading humanity has made the world a broken place.  Soon the world will crumble and shatter, splintered with the broken heart of the broken dream of a better world.  It will happen at the hands of the Complex.

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  1. "US military, along with NATO, are marketing war as peace like never before. "

    The new so called war on terror is the new and never ending war:/