Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swan Lake: America

Long ago the lands, ideals, rights, and beliefs of America were hijacked by a global cartel that can best be called either the US corporation, the corporation of the US, or simply, the US.  The US took over the government of America by installing corporate entities to run business, politics, and, most notably, the monetary and fiscal policy of the State.  They did this with the dual mandate of creating a life of leisure for the populace, so to make the people completely complacent in defending their rights; all the while the US stole all the wealth that America had ever had, by the demolition of the constitution.  The next and final step was to install the US system globally, and they did so after the second world war by making the dollar, which at first was a domestic fiat debt instrument that would become an international fiat debt instrument, the world reserve currency.

By the second world war the dollar had already parted with its constitutional standard at home because Delano Roosevelt took the gold standard away from the American people, and this after he, the Congress, and the Federal Reserve, had stolen the gold from the people in declaration that it was in the best interest of the people for the US government, and not the people, to hold such wealth.  Then the plan was finished when Nixon did the international standard the same, fixing the collateral for US bonds as the dollar only, thus completing the fiat ponzi.  Since then, the State has been wrecked by every head of State to run American foreign and domestic policy.  Each Congress and President has ignored the needs of the people, and at the same time increased their burden by increasing military spending, which made America not only bankrupt but seem, in the eyes of the rest of the world, to be an antagonist.  So the same entity that destabilized the Constitution, the US, began proxy wars that bankrupted the State, and with the same move, put all of the profits in the hands of the few:  those who run the corporations.  Thus making the people of America look like the antagonists, when it was a group of a few who were controlling the strings of the puppet State while Americans thought they lived lives of luxury.

These corporations were led hand in hand by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a private corporation controlled by the heads of the US corporation and many proxie corporations in a round table of effort.  This bank subjugated the American State government to a role of a serf, this dealing the State blow after blow with depressions not made by accident.  The House of Morgan created the first assault after the man Morgan had agreed with the man Rockefeller to consolidate the family businesses of the monied interests into proxie corporate entities by making a panicked bank run, thus forcing the consolidation of all monied interests.  America stayed in desperation while the monied interests took over State policy and then Americans was made to go and fight the first world war without choice thanks to the claimed government's folly of accepting the corporate agenda.  Then, because of policy that allowed  insane leverage in the markets, America collapsed into great depression.  This made people follow the beating drums of war once again, because there were no other opportunities domestically for people to create sustainable living.  Then after the second world war the agenda was firmly in place, and it was only a matter of time before the wealth of the State, by the inflating dollar, died, and the hands of the military industrial complex took firm control of all things American.

There may have been brief interludes along the way, but even when the American people won a battle, they ran back to the comforts of a given American Dream, only to be ransacked further.  Vietnam is the best example, for whomever thought that victory was had, forgot that it was merely a battle, and the war to take back the constitution and ideas of rights was still long in the tooth.  Since Vietnam, the oilgarchs and their financiers have made sure that the economy and politics oscillates so that no solid ground was available for anyone to successfully protest the corporate agenda.  The two parties of the Hegelian system were financed by the monied interests, and ran roughshod over the rights of the people.  The people had been relegated to serfs at the hand of the US corporate agenda.

Even though the corruption was more than evident with every passing moment, the people bought into the dreams that were forced into their nature.  Times of robustness made people invest in houses on land which will never be owned by humans, only leased, as the earth is the only entity that can have itself; we merely borrow from it.  People invested in corporations that do not share the same interests as the people, and these corporations walked into the night like vampires after a kill, smugly enjoying their very desperate existence on behalf of a willing population.  The people were tricked and deceived that the US had ever truly accomplished anything for the benefit of the people, and thus, America, because all accomplishments were merely memories past.  America now lies on the field barely breathing, for look at the current state of affairs:  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and now Libya are all killing the very people, our brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins and parents, that we have sworn, based on the universal principal of love, to not only protect, but to never abandon.  America, the land of the free and home of the brave, has been abandoned, and in its a place is an atrocity of an entity that has no stake in the development of humanity, but instead has a desire to end it, so to replace it.  Now America has become a refugee in its own land, with its rights abandoned by the way side of a dusty highway.

Rights are not given, they just are.  People do not need rights written to have them, because the rights existed before the idea.  Just like an idea, we can only realize it.  The rights of Americans exist, but they have been failed to be recognized.

Now with the world noting that the State that ran the economy for the last hundred years is past the point of bankruptcy, the end of the American experience is here.  The double edge sword that was a fruitful land and a right Constitution coupled with extravagance and complacency have left we the people in a predicament that will define the world for decades to come.  While life was good, no measure of sustainability was made.

Now when life swings to the other end of survival, the means to an end has still failed to bee recognized.  This has caused the world to shake, but because Americans have isolated themselves into their cubicles and cars, each face this quake alone.  It looks like loneliness will be the fate of the future.

There is still one last chance though.  If people can realize that nothing but love is deserved, and understand that only we together can achieve sustainability, then people may be able to pull together in our time of need.  If not, the shake will wake people up to a cold world; one that looks the same but is not.  The change will bring with it a realization most people will not be able to understand, but because we are who we have been waiting for, maybe this will be what we needed to become who we were meant to be.  It has always been that humanity learns best from its mistakes as long as the mistake can be rectified, and maybe this mistake will bring with it a knowledge that we will never forget.

We get what we ask for, that much is certain.  Every life is different, and I do not mean to slight the individual, but as a group, we have asked for what we will get.  If that is economic collapse to the fullest, if we wanted to test ourselves, then we will be tested in such a way.  If each person can make a difference, and I believe they can, then maybe we can whisper the secret in each others ears fast enough so that the world can realize the rights of the individual are before our idea of them.  Then we can recognize life for what it is, beautiful yet fragile.  This is our last chance, and we must not hope, but act, because the Whiteness was begot with the corporate takeover of America, and will end with the same, for America epitomizes the world, and so shall the epitome be the final black swan.

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