Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Silver bottoms at $41

The bottom in silver is in at $41.  It has been tested once today already, and will be tested again, but on Friday, silver will move back into the middle of its recent range that is the $40's.  Silver will remain volatile until the Summer solstice, but it will have moved higher in total.  Then after the solstice silver will never look back, and it will take finance along with it.

May sixth will be a day where the markets capitulate to the upside, after testing support throughout this week.  The Trinity will test support until Friday, and then move higher on a dollar that will begin to drop to DXY 72.  Friday will have equity begin a great move higher, one that will end with the Dow Jones at 14k on the summer solstice.  The Dow will basically skip through 13k.  Then once Dow 14k hits, the third stage of hyperinflation will start.  The third stage is the final one.

Friday silver will move back to the mid forties.  By the end of May it will have broken $50.  By the summer solstice it will be at $57.  Then it will move at a pace unseen.  Tens of dollars a day will tick off through the summer until the Fall starts and silver is in the hundreds of dollars, if there is even a dollar by then.


  1. It is nice to see a clear and timely call on this topic. Best Wishes... JB

  2. I have been officially proven wrong, with silver trading below $40.

    Retreat for now, but remember, the war is still on going, and to win, we buy silver and take back the wealth into our own hands. Is it not ironic that when we lose a battle such as the last it gives us new opportunity? Keep dry powder at hand, but fear not to un sheath your weapon.