Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swan Lake: Obama

The Obama situation is a very dangerous one for the State of the world.  His being a megalomaniac is one thing, his being a sociopath is another, and his being pathological is one by itself.  I say he is a megalomaniac because he chastises reporters for asking tough questions.  I say he is a sociopath because he continues to think he can do no wrong while his government runs roughshod over the poor of the world.  I saw he is pathological because any man with a conscious should see that his actions are not only unjust, but evil.  The fact that it looks his papers have been falsified is a trump card; one that can keep people blackmailing him for another term.  Maybe he was born in America, but it appears he will not be able to prove that fact, and if it comes to that, he will change the world with the ultimate Black Swan.

If it happens that Obama can not prove his birth record, and it now appears his latest "form" is not sufficient, then America will either decide to redo all his actions as President, or let him keep his job.  If he keeps his job it will set a precedent that anyone can run the US, and it will usher in a New World Order.  If not, then America's history will be rewritten.  The consequences will be dramatic.

The turmoil will seize finance, stop the military dead in its tracks, and ruin almost all aspects of American life.  The world, already is disarray, will not be able to help except philosophically, and this Black Swan will crash onto the lake of reality in the ultimate whiteness.

There are no solutions to this problem except to ignore it, and ignoring the man Obama is also dangerous.  He cares not for Constitutional authority concerning the war powers act.  He cares not for detaining people at Guitmo.  He cares not for anything but what his puppet masters decide.

This is why he should be impeached on every single charge that lays before him.  War with Libya is unconstitutional.  The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, and he as well as every President before him should be held accountable.  There are other aspects of his Presidency that are impeachable.  It should be done with the will and might that Americans are known for, for there is no other option.

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