Monday, May 16, 2011


DSK:   this can be pronounced- disk.  The name Dominique Strauss-Khan literally translates to "the sun god who fights the prince".

First, I do not believe there is a "conspiracy theory"  before the fact to nail DSK.  I think he is a maniacal and power hungry person who seized what he felt was an opportunity to flex his ability.  That being stated, now that he is in trouble, isn't it interesting that he has not even seen bail.  He will probably get off (I hope not) because of his influence and power, but it has sure made for a scandal.

Although he was going to run against Sarkozy, who is one of the most fascist leaders of all, this does not mean he was going to change any system.  He was a chief architect.  He was a main operator.  He did the bidding of the fiat ponzi.  His charge is not anything but theatre.

The world interacts with a definitive coercion; China and the US are allies, whether the news reports it or not; China buys US bonds, and the lower classes of both said States are kept poor.  Europe and Africa are allies; the power hungry of both are kept fed while the lower classes, the real individuals of society, are starved.  The DSK meme, at this point, except for the victem, is merely global theatre.

Economics has gone for a ride and the world with it.  Time is speeding up.  Space is crowded, even at the top.  Change is due, and it is not only us who are calling for it; nature has given signs that planes have met.  There is still something to witness.

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