Monday, May 16, 2011

Debt ceiling Breached

Mark it down; today the US fiat ponzi system went for broke, and upon arrival, the power hungry seized one of its prized possessions:  federal pension funds.  The fiat ponzi has long wanted its hands on pensions, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all wealth pools.  This because the system needs the funds to maintain.  Without them, the fiat ponzi will vanish into thin air.

The Federal Reserve has already been monetizing the debt since the inception of Quantitative Easing.  Apparently, this was not enough to keep the ball rolling.  Now it needs to literally steal money from not the debtors, but the investors.  This is truly a shameful day for the economic system.

Finance is now, says the US government, on its last legs.  Social security ran a cool trillion in debt last year, and the politicians have put the rest of earned savings on the chopping block.  This only so the system can continue.

The system has slaughtered the lower class so violently that they are not even aware of their short comings.  The middle class are trying to keep their head above water, and have stopped caring about anyone but themselves.  All the while, the rich suggest the plays that the system should make, and count their coup along the way.

Today was the day that the system officially ended, and almost no one noticed, let alone cared.  There is only a matter of weeks before Bernanke walks into one of his black tie balls and commands the continuation of his Quantitative Easing.  This is the moment that the rest of the Central Bank cartel is waiting for.  The frenzy that will ensue will engulf finance whole.

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