Sunday, May 8, 2011

The bloody Dollar

"Hey, man, hold my hand; say no to war in Pakistan!"

"Weapons are tools of ill omen.  War is a grave matter; lest men embark upon it without due reflection." - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

The dollar is a war instrument.  It was installed as the reserve currency like the ring of Sauron was made to suit the purpose of total domination.  The dollar was trusted to the US with the purpose to rule over all.  When one rules over all, it is a dangerous matter.

Without the dollar the fuel that drives America's war machine is dry.  The reserves in Alaska can fund domestic travel, but not it and war.  The Bakkan reserves do not have the EROEI to also fund the wars.  The wars depend on foreign oil.

This has the US in a conundrum.  It needs the oil to fund its wars, but it can not get the oil without war.  Unless it had a currencie that was useful to others.  The dollar has no use; it is of no value.

The dollar is a debt instrument and nothing else.  It is not a store of value, and because of this it will soon no longer trade for oil.  So while Americans drive their silly lives away, hoping for change to fuel their pipedreams of owning land instead of borrowing land, of owning time instead of borrowing it, the world slips and trips on the reality that America, by proxy of the fascist government that controls it, is warring, and thus wasting, precious energy away without care for others, and that means it is being done so without care of self, for others are self, for we are all one.  When the world rises to see that its nature was broken at the hands of a few who care more about just desserts, pensions and 401(k)s, nature will take revenge and deservedly so.

The dollar is a blood soaked weapon of war, and nothing else.  Its fate is tied to the very same Americans who acted like they know war.  America is more at war now than ever before.  Its dollar pays for four wars that each rival Vietnam.  Yet where are the protests?  The democrats have turned into the war mongers the Republicans only dreamed of.  War is the state of America now with every single mind and heart accepting this fact.

Whether Americans were tricked into this matters nought, for the fact lies that Americans are men and women who could rise up against the war machine, but choose not to.  America has accepted the wars, and the weapon that is the dollar.  Americans use the dollar day in and day out.  They hold them, and feel the presence of what is the tool of pure evil.  Americans have accepted their fate.

But this could all change.  It could all change with one protest.  With Americans coming out from under their roofs that block them from the overhead aligned planets, and saying no to war; saying no to the fiat ponzi dollar that is the war machines weapon.  The ball is in the Americans court, and justice now lies in the Americans heart.  What is now done will reflect upon each persons soul for eternity.  It is now time to take responsibility for the blood soaked dollar.


  1. well said. im just afraid to find out what its going to take to get Americans to wake up. i have seen the light, and i try to share what i have learned with my friends and family. they could care less, they have bought into the dream that will become their nightmare. the general public is so completely blind and brainwashed its almost amazing to witness. its going to be really interesting to see how America will react when it wakes up to reality.

  2. One of the best documentaries I have ever watched was about the greatest fighter pilot in the history if the US Air Force. I will never forget his quote on fear. He said, "Of course I had fear! What was important is how I used it!"