Thursday, December 30, 2010

Always Strapped

Knowledge is power no doubt.  It does not take an oz of metal to move your body up a hill faster than a coming fire.  You do that on your own.  It is what one does that matters.

Give me a pen and I am free, give me a mountain and I will climb it.  The world is my oyster, as it is everyone's.  No matter how we go about our way we will affect the world.  It may be slight as a butterfly's breathe but all matters.

In life there are many choices.  Being prepared is the first choice.  It can be overdone but it is necessary, or else expectations begin to mask the situation.  This is how problems happen.

With wealth, it is the same way.  Expectations should not be had of a house when it is in suburban Las Vegas considering the house will be worthless in a matter of years.  Expectations of US bonds should be nill considering the US is bankrupt and only functioning on the belief of fiat value.  That term, fiat value, is ab oxy moron.

So the gold is insurance.  It is a physical thing that is always reliable as a trade.It is rare, and it is highly fungible.  It is perfect monie.

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