Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sell It Off

Go ahead, sell your gold, see if I care.  Asia has precious metals trending to consolidation.  Silver would consolidate around $20.70.  Look for it to trade around there when NY opens.  I am still waiting for one more big move in silver.  My long term target had silver at $36 by the end of '10, now I would love to see half dollar raises day after day some week soon.  Imagine fifty cents here, fifty cents there, and soon, a new range.  After yesterday's move, what if we had two more days straight like it?  $31.50 by '11 sounds pretty good huh?  Yes I am excited!  Silver is very volatile and can make these types of gains.

Platinum is still trading in some sort of haze.  It has not broken out of its all time highs, where as gold and silver are at all time nominal highs.  Compared to platinum they have made gains.  I am looking at platinum having the greatest long term upside out of the three.  The first move is on deck.

I think that platinum will make a sudden move to $2200 one of these weeks.  It will happen when silver goes to $36, after silver manifests absolute demand (and then the next move would be when platinum broke its all time high of $2200).  Gold has huge upside, but it will be the one metal the Central Banks are holding on to and gold may be the one most manipulable.

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  1. To me, this is one of the best blogs on the Internet. The mind behind these posts is a certifiable genius, and I certify geniuses :-)

    I believe it was the commenter "Shameful" on ZH (who is really underappreciated on that site) who recently talked about how he is a fan of PM manipulation, 'cause it only allows a young guy like himself to get more. If you understand that, then this website will be great poetry to you!