Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Debunking the Federal Government; Debunking the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is (soon to be was) nothing more than a proxy used by the Major US Banks (as well as International banks, as all banks and corporations are globalists) and US Government to leech the world of its resources and wealth by the apparatus known as the FIAT Dollar.  History will show that along the way the US Government also became a proxy of the Majors.  The US Government had acted in the Majors best interest since the conception of the Federal Reserve by creating military conflicts and thus "stabilizing" the world for the Majors.  Now that the Majors are done with their plan for a global move to install usury on all peoples, the Federal Government will burn in a green paper death shroud; it has served its purpose.  As the proxies will now fail, it should be the US Government taking the Federal Reserve's bullet, and the Major's leaving the Fed in the dust.

The dollar has been the US' blinding light onto the world.  The world, stricken with the same ignorance as Americans, never questioned the governing rule of the dollar over all FIAT, and let the games slide into formation.  Once FDR and Tricky Dick had formalized the formula, that no gold would be accepted for debt by the US, the game was over.  Ever after, the sound of the reverberating death rattle has caused many to dance to music that generates fight and flight responses while gasping for air, as the world has been starved of real credit.  Only once gold is seen by the world as monie will people step away from the falling Fed FIAT piano.  The piano has crashed.

Now that the House Bank John Pierpont Morgan has alleviated their naked shot position on the future derivatives of silver, the piano is on the ground.  Underneath are the world paper chasers.  I can not stress that one enough.  The reason is simple:  the dollar trades inversely to silver and gold, as it does against all currencie.  As gold and silver are the ultimate currencie, well, you get the point.  It will not be much of a match from here on out.  In fact, the Federal Reserve should do the proper thing and fall on its sword, but of course it will not.  The Fed will burn America at the alter of the Majors.  Luckily for some, precious metal does not burn, and the future will be forged anew.


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