Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sit Back and Watch the Cows Come Home

For any day spent worrying if gold will go up or down, it is the flat days with a hint of strength that put my mind to ease.  No matter how the news is spun, gold is undervalued, so is silver, and so is platinum.  The precious Trinity may take lumps as a barberic relic that only is good used as a commoditty, but as banks empty the coffers of the public good, the cows will come home from pasture. 

Yes it takes work to keep cattle together and going here and there, but at the end of the day, the security of knowing that one has a store of wealth is easing, and what else need there be.  The work put in on the long days up and down the hills, from inside to outside, are never avoidable, but neither are one's dreams.  You gotta dream, plain and simple.  The body and mind require it. 

Gold will probably sell off tomorrow.  Traders, always confused why gold is worth anything at all, will want to call it down.  Gold is known to consolidate after trending higher day over day.  Look for its price to come down tomorrow, and for the build up of the next epic move to start shortly.

Of course, there is much news that can favor gold that could send it sky rocketing as soon as tonight.  The Euro is said to be on its deathbed (as all currencies are).  With a Spanish default in the making and Ireland fresh from the brink of its waterboard death torture, the Euro could very well pull back sharply.  The dollar, not much the better if at all, would "strengthen" marginally.  Gold has traded well on a strong dollar for the more of the year and I see no reason for a change in that trend.  If there is a safe play at this point there is nothing better than gold.  This of course has been its history over time.

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