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"The final bubble will be gold.  The gold bubble will be the last hurrah." -George Soros

The doelarr's history is unmatched.  Never before has a worthless FIAT IOU had such great acceptance.  The scale is massive; the world was leveraged at maximum.  So it went, day by day, the world turned.  The birds sang a morning tune, and the rivers flowed on.  Suffering was still prominent, as it is always present in nature, but at the forefront of the mind was extrinsic behavior, and due to complacency, many people held the said behavior over intrinsic instinct.  Even though this logic is false, it being accepted inspired thoughts of grandeur, and this ushers in the new toy, with the same value.  ZERO.

However, in the financial world, things were different.  Dams were busting, and diseases spred.  Interesting it was all going according to plan.  Bank lending will fall to the medium sized banks, this after the Majors fall into submissiveness to Congress et al.  Congress will force lending in the face of the currentsea.  So they steer towards volatile seas.  See you fools later.

The voyagers will attempt to leave this shore with head wimds, even though the seas are calm.  They may have the seasons time, but their sense of direction is not the only other failure.  They wish to travel to unforgiving lands.  Their work is horrible.  Let them go.

After they leave we will have one more bonfire party tonight; play the music, and love in the night!  Do not worry, we are to bring the instruments, to play in celebration when we arrive.  Of course we practice along the journey too, we stay sharp bypractice.  For iron work, as well as jewelry.  We do work with metals.

"When your shining, some chumps will want to dull ya." -Guru

The illustrious history of gold and silver is unrivaled.  Kings, Queens, and thieves have launched wars simply over the precious metals.  Gold and silver were the reasons to seize the Treasuries of Rome by Constantine, the metals were swiped by the Nazis during their terror (only to end up....where?), Yamasheetas gold through the 19th century-only to be had by Scull and Bones banksters, and the Armored trucks below the Word Trade Center on 9.11.01.

Blobflation Casino has taken over; not only the stock market, but the minds and hearts of its players.  Some are killing the poker tables, others are losing at the roulette table.  All around there are winners and losers, as there always has been.  The stakes are higher now though, and when great fortunes are made, great fortunes are lost.

The stock market is forced to go big or go home.  Bold moves must be played.  GE will tell us that their profits must be not only legitimate but real (Mark to Cocaine is a hellavu drug).  Breathing in the season is hard to do when time is busily spent at ill gotten work, yet it is all there is.

So the earth had come alive again!  For no sake of the big animals; we will hibernate.  Complaints still heard and registered.  If it is registered, will it then be sold as a positive for the economy, these higher stock prices?  If the volatility subsides for now, will America work at spending their re-funds like good little children?  Tell me, 'how much is a one ounce silver coin worth?'  Twenty dollars.  How many do you want?

Nickolaz Sarkozy is no good guy, merely a pimp of a higher order.  The beast has two heads and spew lies from both mouths.  State and banking, separation non withstanding.  At dinner on April 16th he fortified his authority.  "Fuck you, Goldman Sachs.  I am your daddy, and I am going to get some too!  And if this volcano erupts further, and we can not buy any crap from Asia, do not worry, we will still buy gold."
There is an impressive thing happening here.  Because of Hekla, the Icelandic volcano, there might be a little air blown into the doelarr for the next month.  The effects:

First, the doelarr "strength" to continue tightening the trading range of Euro/USD.  The move to $1.30 will happen quick, in the next week or two.  DXY to trade roughly at 81.5.  Gold and silver will continue to make nominal highs against the Euro, as well as push back up to the nominal highs for the doelarr.  Then there will be a move down to $1.25 Euro USD with the DXY staying in the 81.5 range.  By late May, the pressure from the doelarr will have peaked, as the State budgets of Amererica will once again be addressed. California, will legalizing pot combine with personal investment by Walled Street in Hollywood save your ship?

Hollywood Bulletin!!  Hollywood goes public!  The Future is Now!  "I'm buying."   James Cramer said, plain faced to "Cramerica", his made up realm of market serfs.  Also flaunting the new Hollywood Futures Exchange, Christina Romer.  "It is a wonderful chance for everyone to participate in the movie industry."  The CEO went on after her at the press conference.  "For our new 'land' of "Today Sucks" themed section of Disney World, you have the ability to make out with Megan Fox's virtual self from her straight to DVD film, "Sex, Lies, Faces".  How extreme will Hollywood get?  Will they be bought up by Apple?  Steve Jobs picks up MGM Grand?  How personal will this trading become?  Will people have the ability to invest their 401ks in Cantor/Fitzgerald Xchange?  What is money anyway?  I digress.

Will folks in Hollywood feel regret and show concern of the decision?  1)  How long will Hollywood last in the clutches of Walled Street?  2)  How will this bubble work?  3)  How much leverage will it create?

What the hell is BS doing?
The "currentsea bubble" is a misnomer.  Any FIAT will have waves.  Flooding is happen stance in Europe and America; it was formally a way of life.  Mother earth changes.  Still geographically true, and by the grace of technology, in the said States, flooding is a quelled thing.  So far the above States have enjoyed economic escape from flooding as well; they have had sure currentseas.  This status was achieved seemingly due to superiority of grace, and wits.

How much does a militia cost?  Army, Navy, Air Force, CIA, FBI, IRS, ATF, FEMA, ETC.
This is weight on the scale on the side of the doelarr.  The dollar was supposed to hold weight in the first place.  This is a mighty load.

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