Friday, December 10, 2010

What's In Kanye's Back Pack?/When Will the Working America Unite?

I have two questions this evening.  The first deals with some sort of paraphernalia.  The questions is always answered quipptly, 'What else can there be besides drugs?'  But it is not that question at all that matters, for the back pack symbolizes something vastly devastating.  Kanye had a back pack to be mobile; as with no need for a home, or anything besides what he could carry.

Kanye and soon to be his America are untied by status, but just as with any other bullshit artist both live paycheck to paycheck.  Kanye is afforded this luxury because it is hard to make Hip Hop sound as bad as he does.  America, with its huge military, is like the record company; they have their foots at the throats of the entire industry.  But as with all empires they fall, and while waiting for musicians to start using their own labels and be rock gods I marvel at Americas total loss of self reliance.  Not only is Julian Assange taking down Hill Clinton and other CIA lackeys, but unemployment is still flat lined between 20% to 30%.  The grave is dug for the American Consumer, and its US government.  The next question is, 'Who will rob the graves?'

Of course it was America who was to bury its own government.  This is when something interesting happened.  America kept digging, and digging, and digging.  One US President remarked of American's ability to hold more than one job, "Truly remarkable!  Uniquely American."  He championed it as well, as it is his government that enjoys a last meal be its delayed but inevitable execution. 

But still in the gallows the rumor is tomorrow will be the day.  The talk has grown louder than a chatter. 

I'll let you guys in on a little secret: it ain't working. Some of largest swathes of vacant retail stores are in Newport Beach. Fucking believe it.
Secondly, many of the beach cities set aside summer parking lots for RV 'camping' during the winter. And these ain't the el cheapo RVs of summer family vacations either. Nope, these are mostly million dollar rigs, complete with brand new tow-along Jeeps, and satellite hook-ups for TV, Web, etc.
Anyway, the point is that these overnight, full hook-up lots are fucking empty. In as many years as I can remember, they were always full. But now it's freakin' spooky. Oh, you'll see a couple here/there, but overall it's a ghost town.
OTOH, the number of old jalopy bandit RVs (being used for housing) hanging out in the remaining day use lots (all vehicles have to vacate each night) is growing by leaps & bounds.
We are getting ready for stage 2.
This quote is from B9K9.  I think this sums up the state of the country.  The rich ain't milking the cash cow anymore, and the poor are running for the hills.  But I want to know why the two are going anywhere at all.  Shouldn't we all be taken aback at the ineptitude of our foreign governments?  The economy is a mess because of the old system, then we need to change the system.  All working people, no matter how many thousands of dollars you make, are in the same boat.  IT and bus drivers, doctors and garbage men, all in the same boat.  This is your country and the current system is strangling its people, your people.  Unless you own a farm in Colorado and have a cool billion to your name (presumably to buy a fuck ton of gold off of the comex at 'Go time!') you are not going to matter.  A few thousand dollars is not going to matter.  When the federalis collapse it is not going to matter.


  1. Thanks again, Mr LH. What you allude to in this last paragraph is what those of us who are ‘awake’ (pardon the expression) struggle with. How to communicate with the fantasy football/ “I’m just trying to get mine” crowd?

    (PS – I don’t know much, but I know precious metals sure as shit ain’t in a bubble!)

  2. Awake is ok, but it is more than being awake. It is the action that comes from dreams. Those who are awake are optimists, because they believe in the future. Those who are asleep are pessimists because they do not think their will can change the future. It can.
    How to communicate? The facts speak for themselves. Be confident in the truth. It always prevails.