Friday, December 31, 2010

Dollar Blowout Sale

Spend 'em while you got 'em, the dollar might not be around in a year.  It is true that maybe none of the major current FIATs will be around; they will likely be replaced by a global standard, a new world currency.  Whatever the order of the fall, one thing is certain, the existing FIAT regime is dead in the water.

The reasons I think the dollar is in worse shape than other FIAT are numerous, but there is one that stands out above the rest.  The dollar supports the US War Machine, and is the most blood soaked FIAT in the history of the world.  FIAT history is only several decades old, which is one reason I ask 'How long will the FIAT experiment last?'  The dollar leads the dive head first into the abyss of failed finance.  How much longer will it last?

As others have said, it is possible that the dollar is dumped in coordinated unison across the globe one day or night soon.  If a run on the reserve currency started, it would be hard to stop, especially considering the Fed, which is the custodian of the dollar, is out of gun powder.  It is ironic that the US has left itself so vulnerable.  The military is the only thing the US has that the world does not (other than the reserve currency).  I am surprised they let it go so easy.  And they did let it go.  There is no way the dollar will trade for oil very much longer, and once that happens, the military is up the creek with no paddle.

FIAT is a made up fun-fun happy go lucky concept that 'all debts will be paid by the debtor.'  This conspiracy will end in tears for many.  Any believing the lie will be caste out of the old and thus the new financial world.  The only thing that will save wealth is gold, unless one lives sustainably, which is like one in a hundred Americans at the best.  Get monie!

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