Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dow Jones 12,000

That far off rumbling noise isn't just boredom setting in.  Restless hunger has the Americans wondering how they will become a dancing with the Starz contestant while maintaining a way of life that is conducive with $4 gas.  The pump is a necessity, but to what end?  Americans are reliant on oil, but what does that mean for the future of the country?  How will monie be made during the end of peak oil production?

Thankfully corporations have all the abilities to maintain order through the insolvency of the world governments.  Just kidding, but really, we the people stood by as the politicians chose to bail out the corporations at the expense of the governments.  We already chose, through proxy, the fate of the governments.

Corporations were illegal by law in the beginning of America's Independence.  The Wall Street business men who held off the British attempts at New York held firm with Philadelphia and the Eastern Seaboard and stayed United against Britain.  It wasn't until after the civil war that corporations were allowed to function by right as a person.  This change has been at a loss for people everywhere.

It has been corporate policy up until this point and there appears to be no change on the horizon.  The politicians are still revolving into the banking system (there is Orzag) and vice versa.  Until this corporate/fascist policy changes there is no hope for the US government to dig its way out of its massive debt pile.  As the US suffocates under the debt, the corporations loot the remains in the rubble.  This looting could see an increase in equity indexes, US and worldwide (as the corporations are multi national).  If the Tax Cuts are extended look for Dow Jones 12,000 to be flashed.  Why not?  As economists have decided the recession over, who will care if unemployment stays high (U6 near 20%).  Not anyone seeing a rise in their stock portfolio!

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