Monday, December 6, 2010

Platinum: Flashing Lights

Platinum is on the cusp of breaking out.  It is the only one of the 3 key PMs to still be below its recent high.  Platinum is easy to control because not as many people invest in it, this because it is more expensive than the other two.  How do I know it is about to break out?  Because soon all the metals will be hard to manipulate (by the Major short sellers, and the list includes JPM and maybe the President's Working Group on Financial Markets).

Platinum flash crashes more than Kanye West.  It also has price action that is the reverse; tonight for example, it went way up ($1770!) and then back down in minutes.  This is common, especially in Asia.  Asia is manipulating the market, the US is every morning, and so is Europe.  This will not continue, as this type of action is dangerous.  The market is in full capitulation, and the end result will be drastic.  In dollars terms anything can happen, and considering those dollar terms mean less and less, you can guess what the end result may be.

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