Monday, December 13, 2010

Silver Shell Game Over: Crash JPM Revisited

Well many moons ago I predicted this.  John Pierpont Morgan's Bank has officially announced they lifted their shorts.  This is cause for a celebration!!!!!

by Mr Lennon Hendrix
on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 14:12
So Max Keiser is killing it and he cleared some shit up for me.  We have until $20.92 to buy silver (this is its nominal high), because that is when JPM should be done unloading their shorts (more specifically the shorts they inherited from Bear Sterns).  Once that happens, the whole market should capitulate, and then silver to the MOON (we have our own Argonaut, GET THE FUCK IN THE BOAT PEOPLE!) followed by gold and oil.  By my calculations we will reach $20.92 at mid summer, then the market should capuitulate for 2-6 weeks, depending on how bad peak oil is right now, and then KABOOM!  Anyway, my two sense...I could be wrong. MB anyone?
Also, a low of $8.88 during the "crisis".  They are saying something.  They are saying 'We will run this town for infinaty'.  I cry ISIS!  Then I go to war with these damn JPM "M"arket "M"anipulators.  Join me!  BUY SILVER!
$36 silver very quickly.  Some people who want to own it will not buy it below that price, that is how quick it will be.


  1. Nice call, what do you think by the end of the week? We have this new JPM news, Chilton on Thursday, SLV options expire Friday 1pm EST.
    By the way love your blog along with Turd's. They are part of my daily cycle of websites
    Keep it Up!

  2. I woke up this morning thinking I may have been a little early on the call for the dollar's demise (on the news that The House Bank of John Pierpont Morgan has alleviated their short contracts) as I said yesterday it will happen now. I figured maybe a dead "dollar" bounce today and then a rapid move to dxy, whereon the dollar would be pronounced dead. But with PMs capitulating this morning, and the dollar already turning, we may hear the death rattle stopping in maybe a months time.

    Whatever happens will happen fast. Like a flood through a canyon, the audience is rushing the exits.Getting out of the dollar is only the first priority too, as now decisions must be made as to what to invest in. Now that JPM has stepped out of silver's weigh, I would say silver is set to inherit the earth, of course as Queen, with King Gold.