Friday, December 31, 2010

Facebook will be bought by a Tech Giant

I saw a headline that facebook had more hits than Google this year.  That is outrageous.  Facebook is total isolation/narcissism.  What is happening is going to be people's most epic failure.  Constant window dressing will never get rid of the truth that life is pain, and life is suffering.

I am not against enjoying oneself, staying in contact with friends, taking pictures, sharing time, but if anyone spends longer than half an hour around the water cooler something is up.  It is hard to judge the collective, but, it is obvious that the 1st World is rather lacking in this sense.

Unless our mettle is sincerely tested by an outside force I doubt we will recognize our surroundings.  While the dollar holds its thin grasp on people's reality, I think there will be a bid on facebook by a Tech Major.  I think Google, Apple, and Microsoft all could provide the support to make facebook the biggest thing since sliced bread for years to come.  A company flushed in cash, like GE, could also make an attempt to buy it.  Take your pick as to which company would buy facebook if given the chance.

Then again, facebook may stay private or go public.  There are going to be variables.  But if facebook is bought out, the new company would be a monster.

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