Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a Day For a Solstice

All is well in the markets on the winter solstice, at least for the fascist.  The only thing that is not going perfect for the system is that bonds are not priced higher.  Then again, maybe now is a buying opportunity, if the Federal Reserve can get bond prices back to where they were highest.  Other than that, all is well!

How is it that the dollar, equities (especially the Russell 2K), and even the precious metals (platinum is doing great today, and gold and silver are doing fine too) can be up on the day?  Well look no further than the PPT.  How to know?  First, news from Zerohedge has non US banks increasing their silver and gold short positions.  Isn't it ironic that JPM just alleviated many of their own short positions?  Looks like a new proxy for the US government, or at least, a discrete one.  It is a little known fact the CIA has operational hedge funds off coast to do the US government's dirty laundry.  Now that the House of  John Pierpont Morgan is done as the 'Silver Proxy', the CIA will takeover as chief lackey.

The blatant manipulation in equities, obviously is another tip off.  Not only are bank stocks doing abnormally well, but precious metal stocks are hurting.  This jacknife trend has to do with the PPT selling a long trade of SLW and buying JPM et al.  The PPT got the drop on the miners and other precious metal socks before the open.  The open sell orders had futures for the sector red all night.  It really is the maoist and fascist trade in the history of 'free trade'.  Who is surprised when former Presidents sit at the head of the board at the world's largest miner?   Mulrooney has always done thy bidding, and can be called old faithful.

And just as reliable as the fascist presidents are the fascist bankers, who being no less than reliable, own one trillion dollars as proxy by the Federal Reserve Bank.  This number means the Treserve is the number one owner of its own debt.  This boggles logic, so do not even try to figure out how this is manageable.  It is not.

The plan for management was into a police state.  This was why measures of austerity had not been promoted by the US government in real terms of deficit cuts, because the police state was not in full effect yet.  Two years past the Fall of '08 has made the US ripe for positioning.  The question now is, how will the government and its forces afford it?  Will the military cease its ungodly wars abroad as its domestic empire collapses?  The opposite is also true, for how will the dollar pay for oil after the US becomes an island Nation (albeit abundant in resources)?  The question is not, can America be self sustaining, but rather, how sustaining will it be?  Pittsburgh proved paramilitary is a paranoid function of government more than anything.  As a police state, there will be no nourishment for anyone except a governing authority.  The authority was only one goal, and that is this police state.

Americans and their amendments will beg to differ with the fascist oilgarchs, however.  It is an amazing thing that the Constitution makes up.  Guns are personal proprty, and the right extends to all.  If their is a necessary evil, it is private gun ownership as protection from other humans, in the form of handguns.  As far as hunting is concerned, well, giving that up would make humans as docile as cows.

Platinum, which is still the only of the Trinity to have not broken past its all time nominal highs (minus the Hunt $50) is trading in the tightest of ranges.  The band is almost one of suppression.  It appears Platinum is being kept in the opium, or rather, dollar den.  To add, now an hour after I typed the former, platinum has broken out of the previous range.  It appears silver and gold should follow shortly.

Many moons ago I predicted silver would be at $36 today.  As it was around $18 at that time, I knew a doubling was in, and I took the higher price.  But it was from the near low of $14 that it would occur.  Still, like the moon, silver shines on.

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