Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remember GS and BP Took a Dive

I was parusing stocks and remembered that Goldman Sachs threw a fight back last spring.  I then remembered that BP basically did the same.  By allowing this massive deflation, the inflationary forces cooled; money and oil both got pulled back from risk on.  Now I am wondering, will the inflation be let out of the spigot?  Or does the New World Oder have another trick up their sleeve?

It would be best for the fascist to pull monie back to the dollar.  This way, the Fed can print as much as Treasurie need.  If the wheels fall off that trade, the race is over.  So by adding drama to the markets is in the best interst of the market itself.  Both sides have been played.

But have they been played out?

Finally the finacial's have pasued during the rise that has seen Citi and GS higher since June.  Bac was not spared the same, and JPM has traded evenly.  I could see JPM taking a hit if they try to hold their silver shorts while silver rises through range after range next year.  Or maybe Bac crumbles under fraudclosure and that is the deflation.  Whatever way it goes, it will end this year, and probably sooner rather than later.

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