Friday, December 17, 2010

Congress Pillages the Country Into the Night; Boy George was a Genius, Who Knew?

As an empire surrounded by ashe burned into the night, its "government" continued the paradigm that furthers the division of labor; the poor will get food stamped before they return to their prescribed "dull" lives, the television watched as an idol and the "monied class" can make sure they can keep their heads in the clouds, worried only by runs in their stockings, not runs on their banks, as shopping for Nordstrom leather and cotton is so much more pleasing than the thought of waiting in a line at a bank.  It seems the cuts were sold as necessity, and each the "upper" and "lower" (term in context) classes needed theirs.  For the rich, it is not giving some millions to public works, as the government will spend it poorly, and besides, the rich think they deserve all they earn.  For the poor and disheveled, it was an extension of their insurance that was pro bono, which seems demonstrative of the government to say, considering unemployment would not have been a problem if NAFTA had been put down.  Too bad Billy C sold out just like Barry did.

I was not shocked that William Clinton was caste before the Fem Dems as a Tax Banger, but I was surprised it worked?  I should not have been, for politicians understand economics as adolescents understand etiquette.  Was it the whole of the government that sold America out?  Apparently, that statement is answered unabashedly, 'Yes'.  This group of fascist technocrats are blind and deaf in the face of reason, and will never tire of carpet bagging the "middle class" standards the world had relished before manically relinquished.  What is the real difference between the puppet presidents of the US?  If Obama is renewing the "Bush Tax Cuts", should it be Bush that is looked on as 'Economic Savior', or at least finally, Obama's prototype?

The circle has come complete with the Tax Cuts; Obama changed not but one of Bush's policies.  Obama is Bush is Clinton is Bush is Reagan is Carter is Ford is Nixon is Johnson.  I will end with Jack Kennedy, as he at least listened to his brother and stayed away from total fascism.  Even though Eisenhower was friends with some weird dudes, I liked his warning of the coming Military Industrial Complex, but no other man since Jack has sat tall in my book, and many before him were naive.  How many solid Presidents have we had, anyway?  It should not take more than two hands to count.

So it was that if we are to favor Obama, we must favor Bush, and vice versa.  For all are under one party now, fear not a lesser or two evils.  With Obama ramming Bush Tax Cuts through, and by the accepting Democrats, the country has officially been made for no one to deny.  Obama supporters bow to Bush, and let the Red's paint themselves blue.  With nowhere left to hide, all the waywards will be holding hands as the burn jumps the tree tops.  Was it a fear of nature that led the waywards to the forest?  That would be ironic.

With the flame of fascism on high, does that mean the culture will now face the shadow of democracy, and have its subconscious pattern pointed out to be a fallacy?  What is righteousness other than cognitive awakening?  Is this the righteous moment that awaits America and the world, 'It was all a joke, and the joke a lie'?  How will Isis deal with her love gone lost?  If it is but a myth remains a non sequiture; for Isis will make her moment as she will.  For nature it is only nature.  So it shall be for all.


Now that the hub bub is done, the deal is called a "Compromise" for the sides of this one entity.  Double speak as always from the main stream media.


  1. Good stuff.

    In a way, this whole rhyming of history/4th turning is a necessary - and beautiful - thing. It's been so easy and so meaningless here for so long, that even if we had some miraculous economic recovery (which ain't gonna happen), this place still wouldn't be worth living in.

    As we descend further into hell, the anger at ZH and elsewhere at the "sheeple"/Dancing with the Stars/iPad crowd is certainly justified. But I think the general public is basically three things - fundamentally decent, if not naive and misinformed. The elites play on all three of these.

    So things will continue to worsen, but hopefully that is just a chance to strip away the naivete and misinformation, leaving the people's decency standing. We will see. As another wise soul has noted, "Time is the arbiter of all fate." Indeed it is. But by appreciating all of this, we can help shift that fate. Or at least try!

  2. +1

    Mindful by some, and mindless for others.