Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strong Move Heading into Asia

I am sticking with a correction tomorrow because it makes sense but I thought I would point out the bullish action heading into Asia.  Silver for example opened lower but picked up right after.  It made  a nice little checkmark pattern if you will.  There was a similar move two days ago at the same time.  Silver is very bullish.

Gold is following the same trend as it did two days ago, and that was right before todays big day.  Platinum is trending lower.  I could see platinum consolidating at $1750 during the next 24 hours.  Will there be another big day of trading tomorrow?  We will see.


  1. Who really cares about what happens tomorrow?

    Taken from another comment you had earlier: "No matter how the news is spun, gold is undervalued, so is silver, and so is platinum."

    Amen into perpetutity throughout the universe.

    While I wished we lived in a world w/o money (THAT ain't coming anytime soon), the FRN and all paper currencies are artificial constructs, as the wise know. The only thought I have in terms of "value" for silver, gold or plat is am I getting ripped off? Can I do better in terms of getting mine elsewhere?

  2. Yeah, agreed, who cares what happens in the markets. Precious metals will become more valued and more valued over the coming months/years until they once again form the basis of monie.

    Then what is the best price? Well that is why I write. Hindsight is 20/20 and when The Trinity gets ahead, people try to pull her back. When people are all over her, she will look to you. You know what to do ;)

  3. "Then what is the best price? Well that is why I write."

    I appreciate that, dude. Thanks for all your efforts.