Friday, December 17, 2010

America is Atlantis

History is nothing but revisionista; moderately corrected at any chance by victors of viceroys.  How long do the annals of time go back but forever?  How correct can the imperfect peoples of this earth be when it comes to the tales?  Surely counting myth we have much understanding, but however smart our running thoughts surely are not absolute.

Recent discoveries have the Sphinx as a 12,000 bce monument, the same time reference as Stonehenge.  King Aurthur was to be buried on the Isle of Man, but why not sail to America?  It was known long ago that there was another continent across the Atlantic.  Myths by Vikings depict the realm Vahala.  Mayans guided stars.  The world is smaller than we know.

Now America sits in a perfect isolation from the rest of its world.  Guided by oceans on either side, America stands alone.  Its lifeblood circulation has been withering since the early 70's, because oil production peaked then.  Soon it will be its last tool, the dollar, that will fail, killing America in her hopium high.

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