Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corporate Takeover

The corporations may now think they have their ducks in a row.  I don't blame them, they have had it easy their whole existence; Rockefeller still runnin' things, 'Yo!'  From their point of view, there may be a silver thorn in their side, but if they are worried then they will pull at the string.  Their trick is to wait as long as possible to pull the proverbial chord so as to milk the system of all its heavenly glory, and that meant waiting on peak oil. 

The next big monie move should have massive amounts of dollars moving from the Major Banks into the corporations.  Is there any other option to make big monie now?  Other than to be a corporation itself, with the peak of finite resources, is there a way to become rich other than one's own ability?  Easy credit is now gone.  Lady luck has walked out of the theatre. 

The balance will have to be kept without tilting things in any which way other than equities (and also not to show too much favor to the DOw and commodity corporations), yet big monie will roll out of sovereign debt instruments (the dollar et al) and towards the monie magnet that is commodities.  The President's Working Group on Financial Markets will try and keep the game in check as they have for decades now, but it will be difficult to keep the big monie from pouring into oil and gold when even the normal person is getting into silver.

Unfortunately not everyone will be getting into silver, let alone gold, and few have the opportunity to own an oil rig let along a gas station.  It will not only affect those who have not gotten their foot in the door, it will affect everyone equally.  How often do people rely on favors?  Without precious metal, everyone will be asking for help.

The IMF will of course ride to save America of fallen glory, saying 'Look how it has worked in Europe!'  They will offer at least some assistance, 'You do not want to fail, do you?'  There will be new debt issued against the old, with a new currency promoted by France and Russia, backed by China and Germany, and there will be issued an according transfer of former debt, to be repaid in whatever the name of the credit:  dollars, bancors, what have you.  Where someone made a $100,000 year pension, they will receive a $10,000 check, because that is how many dollars they deserve vs. bancors.  So the retired Arizonian moves to south China, live in a hi rise condo, and still watche Glenn Beck on Fox.  Ain't it grand!

How could this happen?  China is connected to Russia and the Middle East via land routes, which means easy access to natural gas.  America does not have the natural gas to facilitate peak oil.  Enough said there.  What is the difference between the whore houses of Saudi Arabia and Nevada?  What is the difference between the House of Morgan and the House of Saud?  There is none and now that distinction can be realized for what it was; a shame.

The new way, and whatever that may be, will have upside of course as communities will bond out of necessity.  That is what gives me hope.  Everyone can see their place in it is my hope.  We have come down a path that got us lost, but we should not jump off any waterfalls until we have seen their wells.  It is time to climb down and find out if the waterfall that we found is worthy of a jump or not, and if it is too shallow we can find another to jump off, and have some fun.  My point is, I think the corporate shell game is shallow, and I think it would be best to move on from where we are.


  1. America does not have natural gas??? What are you smoking? Look at gas prices, America has so much gas that the price is half of the world gas price... get a clue dude...

  2. Duder, the amount of Nat Gas is not comparable to the amount in the ME. Estimates have NG peaking in production in 2030-2040.