Friday, January 28, 2011

Ruh Roh! Egypt!!

So it is the "developing" (I hate that term, but what am I suppossed to say?  "Third world"?) nations will get it first.  Privilage does ruin the human effort.  Privalage makes one complacent.  Since the harder they come, the rest of the dominoes will sound like thunder.

Comapre Europe.  Who rose up first?  It is the periphory that is catching fire.  I always likened to the event as a fire crowning through the trees, but the spark had to start somewhere.  Maybe it is because these people know and remember the struggle.  Where in Amereica and "developed" nations they have been above the dirt, resting in their ivory towers.

Now if you are in an ivory tower fear not, humanity is on one side.  It is the financial system on the other.  It is based on deciet (the dollar) and uses usury to grab at the people's pockets.  We do away with the dollar and we do away with inflation.  This can be done by owning silver, for silver is monie without inflation. 

What insight does Davos give?  They say, 'People need to restructure the debts.'  How about we kick the can into the night?  Mama is calling and supper is ready.  I feel like getting some rest.  I rest easy knowing that gold is monie, and silver is the same.

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