Thursday, January 13, 2011

Platinum breaks $1800 with Authority

Respect platinum's authority!  She is the most under rated of the Trinity.  She has yet to break her nominal high of $2200, and it will be a fast climb to that number.  The move today speaks for itself.  We have been waiting for a break and look at the one we got!  Huge upside, and all the while, the markets capitulate.  Some like the fiat dollar have rolled over and died, some like equities can not get a grip.  Yet platinum makes her move like lightening out of a bottle.  Here is to platinum on January 13th.

Now that the move has  happened the dust should momentarily settle.  Silver will catch up and move to just over $30 by the weekend, and gold will round $1400.  Oil will stay where it is.  Then soon these four will move up with platinum leading the charge.  The leg stops with platinum at $220, and so the others will be trading with gold at $1500, silver at $36, and oil at $105.  By that time the dollar as the DXY will be at 66.  Oh, and then the party really starts.  Platinum will move from $2200 just like silver broke $20.92.  People will be waiting to buy the f'n dip, but will not get a chance until platinum is north of $2500.

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